Let’s train creativity?

By December 28, 2012 News 2 Comments

In order to keep my creativity awake I decided to draw a monster a week.

I’ve created a little AppleScript to generate some random values to start creating a monster for example: Environment where the monster lives, size, color, attributes, etc…

Here is the code, you can open Applescript and save as an application:
set myColors to {"Yellow", "Green", "Red", "Orange", "Blue", "Purple", "Black", "White", "Brown", "Grey", "Pink"}
set colorsSize to count of myColors
set randomColor to (random number from 1 to colorsSize)

set enviroments to {“water”, “sand”, “air”, “grass”, “wood”, “jungle”, “cave”}
set enviromentSize to count of enviroments
set randomEnviroment to (random number from 1 to enviromentSize)

set sized to {“Small”, “Medium”, “Big”, “Giant”}
set sizedSize to count of sized
set randomSized to (random number from 1 to sizedSize)

set attributes to {“Fast”, “Slow”, “Cute”, “Scary”, “Dots”, “Stripes”, “Glows”, “Furry”, “Guzzler”, “Poisonous”, “Dangerous”, “Affable”, “Slacker”}
set attributesSize to count of attributes
set randomAttributes to (random number from 1 to attributesSize)

tell application “Finder”
display dialog “The creature you have to draw is:” & ”

– Color: ” & item randomColor of myColors & ”
– Lives in : ” & item randomEnviroment of enviroments & ”
– Size: ” & item randomSized of sized & ”
– Attributes: ” & item randomAttributes of attributes

end tell

Try to think how would did the animal / monster evolve, How does it move, Why has it’s skin color, etc.

The idea is to dedicate 1 hour / 1 hour and a half once a week drawing a monster based on that specifications, my first drawing was based on:

Color: Brown

Lives in: Sand

Size: Giant

Attributes: Scary

And this is the result!


So, do you wanna play? :)

  • Diwheel Dw

    Whens the next round start..I’m game!

    • xavicolomer

      Hi there!

      I am mostly playing once a week, on Sundays, You can generate your on creature with the script or you can use the same basis I’ll use (I’ll always publish it once I finish)


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