2012 March

Preparing a Django development workflow between Ubuntu and OSX

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After a few years in the development world I think I finally find a workflow I am confortable with. I started with Flash and some PHP long time ago, but I must say that Python and HTML/Javascript are my favorite couple right now. The problem On the left side of the Ring… OSX! I really like working with OSX, coding stuff it’s much easier in richer environments rather than in vi or emacs, although I have been learning some interesting shortcuts on vi lastly, It’s almost impossible to match the speed I can get on Sublime Text (2) or TextMate for example ( I do also understand that speeding up the workflow on vi will come with the experience and time which I not really aimed to spent :) ) On the right side of the Ring… Ubuntu! On the other side most of the servers are running unix based operative systems, in this environments there’s no rich visual interface in order to take advantage of every cycle to the CPU to to backend stuff and the editors ( vi, nano, emacs ) are really minimal stuff ( yes, yes, you can add some cool plugins and stuff, but at the end, wanting or not, you are getting any simple editor you could find on a richer visual interface ) The solution The solution is pretty simple :) This post is about how I managed to develop a Python Django + MySQL – NginX based Backend, coding from OSX Sublime…

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Barcelona Developers Conference 2011 – Postmortem: Finally! We have a location!

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Situation: While we were working on the website, we also were looking for an emplacement for the conference. Team morale was considerably low because during months we were preparing a conference which we didn’t know were was going to be celebrated, and the location can affect directly to the activities, attendee, dates, etc… The main goals were: To find a location near the city’s center We do not only envision the conference as a technical trip, but an excuse to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona. The advantages are that places are better communicated and surrounded by a lot of restaurants, hotels, museums, etc… disadvantages are… well, everything tends to be more expensive due to the “tourist effect” Preferably near the sea Barcelona is one of the most important cities of Europe, and one of the reasons is obviously the mediterranean sea Cheap As I told on previous posts, this was a 0€ budget initiative, and we were trying to save every cent, so we couldn’t afford much Big enough to host up to 2000 people Although our initial goal was to hold 2000 people, we didn’t want people to fill claustrophobic, we also wanted to offer alternative activities to the conference such as workshops, labs, etc… and this stuff requires space. Well communicated ( Bus, Metro, etc… ) This point was key, you must ease the way people gets to and leaves your event Beautiful Cherry on the top :) So basically we were looking almost for the perfect…

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