2009 October

Tools every flex developer should know ( My TOP 10 )

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These are the set of tools I use in my daily job ( Flumotion ) and in my projects: 1. Adobe’s Flash Builder Beta ( Standalone or Eclipse plugin ) You have multiple solutions for flex developers some are free ( you can use your notepad and compile the code using command-line instructions ) but for me, the best tool is Adobe’s Flash Builder. Inside Flash builder you have and amazing set of tools like Flash Debugger and Flash Profiler, and a new addition in the last version, the Network Monitor. Maybe I should mention FDT, but I had the opportunity to see it in action and Adobe’s tool is still the best. 2. Firebug ( Firefox plugin ) If you are developing a flex application you probably will be developing for web too. For this reason you need a web browser that let you control and monitorize what’s going on. Firefox with firebug plugin will help you with this. 3. Web Developer ( Firefox plugin ) I use this plugin mainly for two purposes. The first one is disable cache ( very important ). Sometimes when you are developing for web you realize you’ve been testing a cached application for 5 minutes ( or more ), or you must clean the cache every time you want to test some change, this option will avoid this common problem and will help you saving some time. Another interesting option is resize, which let you resize the browser to custom sizes. This…

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