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Linkedin is not Facebook Chrome Extension

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Hi There, I tend to visit Linkedin every day and I found more and more people posting motivational phrases, images, and other stuff non related to business. I’ve got a little tired of it so I developed a tiny extension to get rid of those posts and maybe you might find it useful too. It might not work on 100% of the cases, but it mostly does. Here is an example of the images that had been hidden using the extension in my last linkedin feed update, mostly simple images (posted, liked and commented): I wrote this code in a few hours and might have some bugs although seems to work fine. You can find the source at github. Happy Biz.

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Beyond Metrics

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There is no doubt that we live in a age of metrics. Any activity that can be quantified can be recorded, analysed and displayed automatically for a wide variety of markets (Commerce, Health, Internet, etc.) Metrics are not new and have kept pace with technology and commerce.

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Optimizing emails using Alfred and Applescript

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I am the founder of BITS (Barcelona International Technology Show) an event focused on technology innovation and geek culture. When organising events I found myself sending a lot of emails to establish contact with possible sponsors, speakers, collaborators, etc. I don’t really like it because I do prefer to talk with the companies face to face, but most of the time this is a first step. Most of these emails will contain almost the same exact text with the exception of some lines where you will explain why you are writing to that person and why would be great to join BITS ( Because it will be ;) )

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